Research Finds Group Social Skills Training is Effective!

Have you ever wondered whether social skills groups work for kids with Autism? They’re often recommended but do they work? A recent article published in February, 2018 in the Journal Autism and Developmental Disorders (J. Autism Dev Disord. 2018; 48(7): 2293–2307) asked that very question. Researchers reviewed the outcomes of multiple research studies (what is referred to as a metanalysis) and found that parents’ reports on questionnaires after their children (ages 6-25) participated in a group social skills intervention indicated large effect sizes. In other words, children who participated in social skills group training demonstrated significant improvements in their social skills after training, according to their parents. Researchers also found that group social skills interventions that included parent groups and were of greater duration or intensity also resulted in larger effect sizes (i.e., they were more effective).

This is good to know! At RMPS, we’re constantly striving to keep up with the research on how we can create the greatest benefit for our clients. This fall we’re offering 3 social skills groups on Saturdays: ages 8-10, 11-12, and 13-14. We’re incorporating lots of fun, lots of real-life situation practice, and just like the research recommends, we’re also incorporating parents. Parents will have their own group with tea/coffee served where they’ll find out what lessons their kids are learning, and have opportunities to talk with others about how to incorporate lessons learned into daily living.

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