Gifted Assessment

Alberta Learning has adopted the following definition of giftedness:

“Giftedness is exceptional potential and/or performance across a wide range of abilities in one or more of the following areas: general intelligence, specific academic, creative thinking, social, musical, artistic, and kinesthetic.”

When a student is designated as a student who is “gifted and talented” by Alberta Learning, they qualify for individualized program plan (IPP) and are said to have a “code” (Code 80). Alberta Learning uses codes to identify students who require individualized program plans in order to meet their needs.

In order to identify students who are intellectually gifted and talented, standardized testing can be completed by a psychologist. This includes intelligence tests and some programs also require individualized academic achievement tests.

At RMPS, we are fully aware of the Alberta Learning requirements for students who may be applying for Code 80 (Gifted and Talented) and we also ensure that our assessments will meet requirements for applications to programs such as GATE and Westmount Charter School.

See the following links for more information about various programs in Calgary for gifted students: