Is Your Child Eligible for Admission to a Gifted Program?

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    All Gifted Assessments are Not Created Equal

    Admission to school-based gifted programs requires students to undergo standardized assessments. A robust gifted assessment process involves an experienced registered psychologist who will ensure that results capture the student’s true capacity. Here are some key areas parents must attend to when choosing the right psychology practice to do their child’s gifted assessment:

    1. Making your child feel comfortable – The assessor must be in tune with the child and be able to help the child feel comfortable so they can perform their best. An important consideration during the assessment process is recognizing when a child becomes anxious or tired and taking measures to ensure the child is able to perform their best throughout the testing process.

    2. Interpreting data – A knowledgeable assessor will consider the consistency of test scores and observations before drawing conclusions. Further assessments may be employed to gain a more fulsome and robust evaluation of the child’s capacity.

    3. Standardized Assessments Expire – Admission to gifted programs requires a recent assessment report (completed within one year of application to the program).

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