Welcome to Rocky Mountain Psychological Services

Serving Calgary for more than 20 years, RMPS has a reputation for high-quality, psychological services specializing in children.

Over the years, RMPS has proven itself as a leader in the field of children’s psychological services in the Calgary area. We often receive referrals from schools, medical doctors, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, family lawyers, and past clients because they have had positive experiences or feedback about our services.

Our practice is a private practice that aims to help children and families by carefully finding out more about the child’s history, what brought the child or family for services, and purposeful listening to what it is that the child or caregivers would like to see happen as a result of their involvement with RMPS.

Sometimes parents contact a psychologist knowing what kind of service they are looking for. They may have been told by their child’s teacher or medical doctor to seek a psychoeducational assessment, for example. Or they may know that they are looking for counselling or play therapy or parenting advice. However, sometimes, parents just know that they or their child need help and aren’t sure what steps to take next. At RMPS, we can help with all of these kinds of situations. The first place to start is with a phone call to 403-245-5981 or completing of the self-referral form.

What makes RMPS unique is that we specialize in children. Children don’t necessarily know whether they need an assessment, counselling or other treatment methods to help make things better for them. Sometimes parents or schools aren’t sure what the next best step would be either. At RMPS, we believe that it is in the child’s and family’s best interest to have well-trained clinicians who are possess a specialized knowledge of child development in addition to counselling, assessment, and intervention skills so that an appropriate plan can be made. Different from many psychology practices, our staff are cross-trained which means that they have the experience and expertise to identify, for an example, if a child with whom they are counselling is perhaps demonstrating indications of other issues that may warrant an assessment in order to better tailor an intervention plan. Or, when completing a psychoeducational assessment, our clinical staff have the background and expertise to make specific recommendations to suit the child’s needs not only at school but for home and other potentially effective treatment approaches.

Please contact us to book your appointment. We look forward to working with you.

Cassandra White, M.Sc., R.Psych.